General Manager
Rachel Connor
Phone: 0459 333 301

Rachel leads our team with warmth and passion, bringing the best out in those around her.  Rachel brings to PFC a rich array of professional experiences including consulting, leadership coaching, and diversity & inclusion management.  Rachel has experience across a range of not for profit, government and for profit organisations, working with individuals and teams to build productive and genuinely inclusive workplaces. Rachel has a long commitment to PFC through her roles as a volunteer, board member, and now manager.  She is passionate about the power of holidays, nature, and connection to help people experiencing hardship and exclusion to thrive. Demonstrating a deep interest and respect for both her staff and guests at PFC, Rachel is equal parts gentle and determined. Through her leadership, she honours the past, while lighting the way for the future.

Melinda Power
Phone: 03 5983 1819

Mel knows more about PFC than anyone, having managed the office for many years.  Mel leads our communications with guests, ensuring they are welcomed from their first contact with PFC. In addition to managing the phones and emails, Mel makes sure everything works and runs exactly as it should. Mel’s easy-going, and warm manner ensures the office is a welcoming space for guests. Mel is never too busy to stop and ask how people are. Taking the time to really listen to others, she then has the incredible ability to make people laugh, lifting spirits and spreading joy to those she meets! 

Programs Coordinator
Jade Warner-Benedetti

Jade is our intrepid bush adventurer. Kind and smart in equal measure, Jade loves sharing the great outdoors with our guests. She takes a collaborative approach to program development, ensuring the activities she provides will meet the needs of the diversity of guests we welcome at PFC. Jade enjoys bringing in talented local artists and artisans, local producers, and amazing volunteers to enhance programs for guests, and enjoys celebrating and sharing all the natural surrounds of PFC. On her days off, you will find Jade playing with her young family at nearby parks and beaches, where she will be secretly scoping out new ‘secret’ trails, coves and beaches to take guests to on her next program! With her background in outdoor education and intercultural communication, Jade has a passion for working with diverse groups of guests, learning more with every program she leads. 

Administration Support
Cassie Mills


Cassie is our assistant extraordinaire, supporting all the administrative functions at PFC. Cassie is an enormously valuable contributor to the school holiday and other programs at PFC, providing essential back up to our Program Coordinator, Jade. Practical, clever, and thoughtful Cassie welcomes guests, and helps them to thrive and make the most of their time at PFC.  Smiley, open, and always eager to learn more, these attributes are what make Cassie such a well-loved part of the team at PFC.