Holiday Activities

PFC offers a range of holiday activities throughout the year designed to engage and grow the minds of our participants. Such activities included:

For children e.g.:
-Sensory table e.g. feely box, natural objects of interest, smelling bottles.
-Drawing table e.g. black line drawing with food dye wash, scratch art.
-Theme table relating to nature e.g. shells and drawing materials.
-Painting e.g. using a variety of tools other than brushes, using different techniques.
-Modelling table e.g. making insects, using wire and modelling medium.
-Construction (using natural materials and found materials).
-Bag decorating.
-Building blocks play.
-Dolls and doll’s house play.
-Circus school (summer).

Other programs include:
-Healthy food workshop.
-Chalk painting.
-Improvisation drama classes.
-Night walks.

Other programs will become available in the future so make sure you check back.