Presentations Sisters, Ireland

Nano (Honora) Nagle is the founder of the Presentation Sisters.  Nano was born in 1728 and lived a privileged life in Cork, Ireland.  At a young age, she became aware that many people lived in poverty, and believed that education was the key to alleviating poverty.

In 1775 she founded the Congregation of the Presentation Sisters and began to open schools to serve the people of Ireland who did not have access to education.


Presentation Sisters, Victoria

In 1873, responding to a request for teachers from St Mary’s Parish in East St Kilda, the Presentation Sisters arrived in Victoria.  Over time, the Presentation Sisters established schools to serve communities in Victoria and around Australia. In each case, they strove to provide the very best in learning opportunities, respectful and inclusive of culture and tradition, and responsive to the specific needs of individuals and communities.  Schools established by the Presentation Sisters of Victoria include Star of the Sea and Presentation College Windsor.


Presentation Family Centre, Balnarring Beach

Through their work as teachers in Victorian communities, the Presentation Sisters observed the challenges faced by families experiencing poverty, physical and mental ill health, grief and loss, and family violence.  They decided to serve families in a new way, and in 1989, following the sale of O’Neill College in Elsternwick, purchased a farm property in Balnarring Beach with six house blocks.

The Sisters oversaw the construction of six houses, play facilities, and a multipurpose centre and Presentation Family Centre at Balnarring Beach opened for the summer of 1989/90.

Since then, PFC has provided accommodation and respite for families and carers in difficult circumstances. The centre provides a relaxing space for families where they might renew body and soul.


Presentation Family Centre and Kildare Ministries

Recognising that their congregation was aging, and with the intention to ensure that the Presentation Family Centre flourished into the future, the Presentation Sisters of Victoria entrusted stewardship of PFC to Kildare Ministries. 

Kildare Ministries was established in 2014 to provide stewardship to ten schools (nationally) and three community works (in Victoria) formerly governed by the Brigidine Congregation and the Presentation Congregation of Victoria. 

Kildare Ministries is committed to the vision and purpose established by the Presentation Sisters of Victoria – to provide rest, recreation, encouragement, and support to families in need.

Kildare Ministries provides support to the Board of Directors, who have civil responsibility for the management of the centre.